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Bankruptcy Basics

Depending on your situation there may be several debt-relief options available to you. Relief from overwhelming debt is obtainable through debt consolidation, debt settlement, loan modification, or by filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy brings many people rapid financial relief they need now.

Creating a Chapter 13 debt consolidation plan to repay some or all of one’s debt brings relief to higher income people who are struggling financially and who may want to preserve more assets. Chapter 13 plans repay debt over time.

Jennie Patton has helped thousands of people obtain relief from their debts. She guides her clients through the complex bankruptcy process. Ms. Patton spends significant time with every client, welcomes questions, and is detail oriented. She provides her clients the best opportunity for a healthy and peaceful financial future.

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How Bankruptcy Works

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will discharge or eliminate many consumer debt obligations giving qualified consumers a financial fresh start. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy reorganizes debt into a structured monthly payment plan to repay some or all of their debt over time while retaining many assets.

Jennie Patton focuses on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy for consumers and small business owners. Ms. Patton has been helping people gain a financial fresh start since 1995.

Often, people facing financial difficulty feel embarrassed or ashamed about their situation. Sometimes those feelings prevent a person from seeking the help they need. Jennie wants you to know it is not only okay to seek help from a qualified bankruptcy attorney, it is often very beneficial to obtain timely legal advice. Jennie Patton and her staff will help you feel comfortable and confident in your path forward. Jennie and her staff understand that you did not intend to be in this situation. No one does.

Some of the biggest fears that people face when looking into filing for bankruptcy are the fear of rejection and feelings of failure. Jennie Patton understands these feelings. You have no need to fear or feel embarrassed. You will leave your meeting with Jennie Patton with information you need to move forward and get your life back on track.

By working with Jennie, you will find peace of mind through open and honest communication about ways to resolve your situation and achieve a financial fresh start.

What Our Clients Say


I came into Jenny's office full of anxiety about an impending legal case. She was very compassionate, kind and knowledgeable. She listened intently to my concerns and answered all of my questions thoroughly. She is up front and easy to understand. I am so thankful to have found her. She really has made a huge difference in my fear and anxiety over the current issue and I know I can count on her to represent me to the best of her ability. I would encourage anyone to meet with her just one time, they will be convinced, as I am, that she is who you need on your side. I will most definitely be contacting her for any future financial legal troubles I have.


Jennie and her team are incredibly caring, thorough, and professional. They helped my family and I through a difficult and complicated bankruptcy for the best possible outcome. They were supportive and never judgmental. They were able to work around our timelines and special needs and always kept up informed at each step of the process. For something that is going to be a horrible experience no matter what, Jennie's office made it as 'pleasant' as imaginable. Our immense gratitude to everyone at the office.


My wife and I hired Jennie Patton for our bankruptcy. She met with us for over an hour and explained the process and what to expect. She was very easy to talk to and answered all of our questions. We filed a fairly complex chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our paralegal Kate kept us on track and was quick to reply to our emails. At court Ms. Patton was more prepared than the other attorneys. Everyone at Ms. Patton's office was so helpful and understanding. They made a difficult situation much easier.


Jenni Patton is by far THE BEST, she's been doing this for many years, she is well respected by the Court and Commissioners. We were referred to Jennie's office by a friend/co-worker, we knew during the consult appt this was the right Attorney! We felt very comfortable and she truly cared about us and answered our many questions.


I've actually used Jennie Patton twice now for bankruptcy and both times were made to be very easy and painless. Personally I have recommended her to quite a few people.